A Husband, a Mother, a Daughter, a Lover

by Sand River

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    From the upcoming In a Deep Forest EP, a song, for free, from us to you. We hope you like it.



my fingernails are scraping all the dead skin from my chest
if i am constantly becoming, will i ever be at rest?
well, there's just too much of myself bound up in everybody else
to go on.

and so i'm sloughing off the world just like a snake upon a rock
i'm leaving everyone behind, breaking the key off in the lock
and i can almost hear them muttering, can almost hear them wondering
what was wrong.

well, what went wrong?
what went wrong?

i wrote a letter to my lawyer with the letters on the fridge
i had to pick and choose my words to fit the limits of language
but still i passed on my regrets and my instructions for my earthly remains.

i made a promise to the milkman that i knew i wouldn't keep
there'll be a bottle here tomorrow, but it won't be here for me
yeah you'll be getting quite a shock, you'll need a cup of tea to steady your knees.

i hope you'll see
that this was coming from the day you met me.


released June 17, 2012
music: siviour/robinson
lyrics: robinson
ukelele: siviour
vocals, guitar: robinson



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Sand River Durham

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